It’s typical to think about cancer in terms of specific tissue types or organs in which cancers can form; like leukemia, breast, brain, or prostate. Cancer researcher Tobias Janowitz, M.D., Ph.D. takes a different approach; one that looks at cancer as a systemic condition. The newest addition to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) faculty, Janowitz is building a lab to understand cancer as a disease that affects not just a type of tissue or organ, but the entire organism.
The new CSHL assistant professor arrived in August 2018, after working as a clinician scientist at the renowned Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. He earned both his M.D. and Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge. He’s interested in studying conditions that develop in an organism as a result of cancer, like cachexia—a potentially deadly condition that causes severe weight loss in patients with cancer, which may be causally linked to lack anti-cancer immunity and failure of cancer immunotherapy.
Janowitz was attracted to CSHL’s spirit of innovation and research as well as its culture of collaboration. “The Lab really values thorough science, and strives to make fundamental discoveries that change the way we think about biology,” he explained. “I hope to work collaboratively across campus and move forward the horizon of science.”
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Cách bật giao diện Dark Mode trên Windows 10 và macOS
Saturday October 06, 2018

Dark Mode chắc đã không còn là cái gì đó quá xa lạ với người dùng hiện nay khi mà Youtube đã trang bị Dark Mode cho giao diện của mình từ khá lâu, ở phiên bản mới nhất của macOS là Mojave, Apple cũng đã bổ sung thêm giao diện Dark Mode cho Macbook […]

Dân Nhật Bản “choáng” vì dàn xe “Quái thú” của ông Trump
Tuesday November 07, 2017

(Tin thế giới: )Nhiều người dân tỏ ra thích thú khi đoàn xe hàng chục chiếc hộ tống ông Trump đi qua các con phố ở thủ đô Tokyo. Siêu vận tải C-17 của Tổng thống Donald Trump đáp xuống Đà Nẵng Trump đem theo valy hạt nhân, bắt đầu công du châu Á TT […]

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The post Cách bật giao diện Dark Mode trên Windows 10 và macOS appeared first on Tin Tuc 123.